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Please note:
After laminating we accept no liability
Material performance can vary with processing conditions / multi layer combinations, internal testing is always recommended

Claims regarding damage must be made in writing within 3 working days after receipt of the goods.
In any other way claims in respect of damage are not allowed.

Price, Quantity, Tolerance:
• Minimum order quantity is 1 length metre.
• The m² price is based on purchase of a full roll.
• Cut-to-size Tolerance Interlayers: 50mm / 0.5% (ask for the specific tolerance information)

Transport Liquids:
- As per January 2018 we need to handle liquids - (light) flammable substances (AdhesionPro) as dangerous goods.
- Extra shipping costs for shipment will be charged after your confirmation - as there is no standard price to offer.


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