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Vanceva® colors interlayer

16 basic colors on stock. 

Special Service: Order per metre, no problem !

•Thousands color combinations.
•Get inspired by Vanceva® color.
•Go to Vanceva® Color Selector

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DG41 Saflex® interlayer
safety & security    

Speciale service:   per length Meter 

DG41 Saflex® :
•Sustain higher uniform loads-retain safety after breakage 
•Superior edge stability and resistance to delamination 
•Compatible with the entire range of Vanceva® color
•Long term performance in marine-like climates

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Work dust-free

"One stop shopping" 

Working clean and dust-free is crucial for your laminating process.
•Cleanroom gloves
•Dust free roller (antistatic)
•Dustcoat antistatic
•IPA Isopropylalcohol        
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Tools and supplies

”One stop shopping” 

Handy tools and supplies for your laminating process.   
•Heatable knife
•Tinside detector
•Vacuum bag
•Glass cloth
•Vacuum hoses    

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     Qdel more than just a supplier.
     Qdel delivers a wide range interlayers, tools, supplies, and more, you need for each laminating process.
     Qdel applications in Marine Sector, Architectural, Militairy, Aerospace and more. Ask for the possibilities.