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Mesh Metal Wire

Article number Z9006
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Mesh Metal Wire features a unique product line for architecture and construction.  
Mesh Metal Wire is a woven and welded wire mesh for decorative and functional uses.  
Mesh Metal Wire is not flammable and has exceptional resistance to outdoor elements.  
It can be laminated between glass to decorate stairs, walls, facades, displays and more.  
Mesh Metal Wire is made from strong and fireproof materials.

•    For architectural feature:  
•    By laminating these decorative wire mesh in  
      safety glass, it opens up interesting possibilities  
      for use in glass facades as well as interior design  
      or furniture.    
•    The different weave structures allows  
      different levels of transparency
•    can be used to darken rooms, produce privacy    
      walls or simply to create visually appealing glass  

Material: Gold (brass), Silver (stainless steel), Bronze (bronze)
All produtcs are available in corrosion resistant stainless steel. Also offering Aluminium, brass and bronze.


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