Interlayers Adhesive – for adhesive on the glass

1] Decorative Interlayers
2] One-way mirror Adhesive
3] Solar Adhesive
4] Security Adhesive
5] Frosted Adhesive
6] Color Adhesive
7] Dichroic Adhesive
8] Other Adhesive

Interlayer Adhesive are self adhesive films for windows, indoor and/or outdoor applications.  
Interlayer Adhesive are used for Decoration, Solar Protection, Safety, Privacy and more.
You can install the film on any clear smooth glass surface. Removing the film can bring back the old look
of the glass at any time. Interlayer Adhesive can be applied only once.  
It Is possible to apply a color film on a decorative film, giving it your personal touch.

Interlayer Adhesive are designed for many types of glass surfaces:  
• windows,
• door, 
• shower cubicles, 
• glass tables,
• glass furniture,  
• porches,  
• PVC partitions, pvc windows internally.
When installing sun control and mirror films on a PVC glass,
the following suggestions should be taken into account: The film should be installed on the external
side of the window PVC glass must have been installed for  at least 2 years. Otherwise degassing may
take place which results in air bubbles under the film  
• car windows  

Ask for the possibilities and instructions.