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EVA 0.38mm, Color

Article numberS9994
10,50 Price per m2 / m2
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EVA 0.38mm Color interlayer - European Quality (no certificate)
EVA is a very stable material made with ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) and is used for laminated glass, electronic inserts, photovoltaic modules as well as a wide range of other optical products.

► Ask Qdel team for the availibity in colors - as we do not stock all mentioned colors.

EVA White Translucent 0.38mm [S1089]
EVA White Opaque 0.38mm [S1090]

EVA 0.38mm, Off Grey, 2100mm [S1447]
EVA 0.38mm, Light Grey, 2100mm [S1448]
EVA 0.38mm, Dark Green BG5, 2000mm [S1467]
EVA 0.38mm, Green BG6, 2000mm [S1468]
EVA 0.38mm, Red BG1, 2000mm [S1490]
EVA 0.38mm, Blue BG10, 2000mm [S1491]
EVA 0.38mm, Yellow BG14, 2000mm [S1492]
EVA 0.38mm, Light Blue BG13, 2000mm [S1500]
EVA 0.38mm, Black BG17/BG21, 2000mm [S1501]
EVA 0.38mm, Nero Black Opaque BG7, 2000mm [S1502]
EVA 0.38mm, Dark Orange BG3, 2000mm [S1503]
EVA 0.38mm, Dark Purple, 2000mm [S1526]
EVA 0.38mm, Bronze, 2100mm [S1529]
EVA 0.38mm, Brown/Purple BG26, 2000mm [S1538]
EVA 0.38mm, Light Blue, 2000mm [S1548]
EVA 0.38mm, Light Blue BG8-3, 2000mm [S1549]
EVA 0.38mm, Dark Yellow BG2, 2000mm [S1550]
EVA 0.38mm, Dark Blue BG4, 2000mm [S1551]
EVA 0.38mm, Orange BG9, 2000mm [S1552]
EVA 0.38mm, Yellow Neon BG12-6, 2000mm [S1553]


Material performance can vary with processing conditions / multi layer combintions, internal testing is always recommended


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