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Krystalflex® PE900 Edgeseal

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KRYSTALFLEX® PE900  is  designed  for  use  by  glass
laminators to seal the edges of multi-layer composites
made from glass or glass/plastic components. It offers
the following benefits: 
• Provides a degree of protection to the edge of the glass laminate from chipping or other mild physical damage
• Minimizes  moisture  penetration  between  the composite layers
• Minimizes  migration  and  potential  damage from solvents contained in the caulks used to install the finished glass laminate
• Creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the laminate edge  

- Excellent hydrolysis & microbial resistance
- Good low temperature flexibility
- Enhanced UV stability
- Medium durometer
- Contains adhesion promoter     

- Large asymmetrical GCP
- Prison containment glazing
- Ballistic / blast / intrusion
- Retail kiosks
- Vehicle armoring
- Hurricane / vandal glazing

Typical Laminating Parameters  
Ultimate Temperature:           90°C -  140°C   

Installation Instructions  
It is advisable to wipe the laminate with isopropyl alcohol prior to applying
Krystalflex PE900 to the composite  edge  in  order  to  remove  any contaminants
that could interfere with the bond.
This  product  is  designed  for  use  in  conjunction with vacuum forming.
First, secure it to the edge
of  the  glass  laminate/composite  by  tape. 
The composite  is  then  inserted  into  the  vacuum  bag and autoclaved.

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