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• Minimum order quantity is 1 length metre of the roll widht we currently have in stock.
  Mentioned width on the website could be different than stock width. Ask for the possibilities.

Please note:
After use/laminating we accept no liability
Material performance can vary with processing conditions / multi layer combinations, internal testing is always recommended

• Foil Must be stored in a dry clean place for laminating purpose, the ambient temperature and humidity
   must be maintained always - After opening, The foil must then be packed and sealed again and stored in Packaging foil
• After confirmation/order we do not accept cancellation
• After use/laminating we accept no liability
• Material performance can vary with processing conditions / multi layer combinations, internal testing is always recommended
• It is not Qdel responsibility to decide the film processing conditions, final use or setup in order to obtain the best results.
• Mentioned dates and time is at all times subject to change.Qdel bears no responsibility and/or liability for this.
• All  (technical) data contained herein are guides to the use of Qdel laminating supplies products.
   The advice contained herein is bases upon tests conducted by manufacturers and historical knowledge;
   users should not rely upon this information absolutely as material performance can vary with processing

After purchase Qdel laminating supplies products we give no guarantee.
Claims regarding (technical) damage must be made in writing  
within 3 working days after receipt of the goods.
In any other way claims in respect of damage are not allowed.  
Liability - Qdel assumes no liability for the consequential damages of any kind
through the use or misuse by the purchaser or others.
No other obligations or liabilities are expressed or implied.
Handle each product according to your company’s guidelines, health and safety regulations.

Price, Quantity, Tolerance:
• Minimum order quantity is 1 length metre of the roll widht we currently have in stock.
  Mentioned width on the website could be different than stock width. Ask for the possibilities.
• The m² price is based on purchase of a full roll.
• Cut-to-size Tolerance Interlayers: 50-100mm, 0.5% (ask for the specific tolerance information)

• Delivery ex works Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. • All mentioned prices are excluding VAT
• It is possible that Qdel change the price due to availability of materials or price increase of raw materials without prior notice.
• For information about payment terms, and/or delivery time: Please contact our sales department:
• Special prices for higher quantities, please contact our sales department.

Transport Liquids:
We need to handle liquids - (light) flammable substances  ( AdhesionPro / Acetone / Isopropyl ) as dangerous goods.
Extra shipping costs /Handling and special packaging for shipment will be charged after your confirmation.
- It is customers responsibility to meet standards if they forward the materials for export to other countries.

The content of this site, its data, images, lay-out, text and combinations are protected by copyright and database rights.
These rights are vested in Qdel. Without prior written permission of Qdel it is not permitted to copy this site or any part thereof.
Qdel strives to comply with applicable copyright laws in all publications.
Qdel shall remove the relevant object from its publication or notify it with the corresponding copyright.

Despite the constant care and attention paid to the composition of this site and the information it contains,
Qdel can not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the data.
Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given regarding the correctness, accuracy, topicality,
reliability and completeness of this information. Qdel expressly reserves the right to change,
delete or temporarily remove the content from the web at any time without prior notice.
Liability claims for material or immaterial damage resulting from the access or use or non-use of the published information,
misuse of the connection or technical disturbances are rejected by Qdel.
Qdel accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damages of any nature whatsoever.


The user retains title to the materials supplied by the user for as long as the other party has failed to provide
any consideration for goods delivered or to be delivered pursuant to any contract with the user or has failed
to provide the consideration for work to be delivered in addition to the service or products to be delivered
and/or has failed to pay damages to compensate for any shortcomings. However, once the materials arrive
on site, they will be at the other party's risk and account, specifically in the event of such goods being lost or
damaged, regardless of what has caused such damage or loss.
For this purpose, the other party shall take out sufficient insurance for the materials supplied to the site with
an insurance company of good repute that has its registered office in the Netherlands; the relevant
insurance policy should specifically cover the financial consequences of damage, loss or theft, or destruction
by fire, lightning striking or any other causes whatsoever. The user shall have the right to inspect the
insurance policy referred to in this provision at all times.
The other party shall not be allowed to pledge the goods referred to here to third parties, transfer title to
the goods to third parties or place them in the actual control of third parties prior to the time of the other
party having complied with its obligations in respect of the user, i.e. prior to the moment when the other
party became the owner of the goods referred to here. The user will continue to own the goods until the
moment when the goods have been processed or have otherwise become the legal property of the other
If the other party violates these obligations, the purchase price and/or the full contract price will become
immediately payable in full.
Without prejudice to its rights stipulated above, the other party is giving the user irrevocable authority to
take back the goods delivered by it or, if they have been fitted or mounted onto movable or immovable
property, to demount them and take them back if the other party does not, or not in a timely fashion, fulfil
its payment obligations in respect of the user, without any notice of default or judicial intervention being

Immediately upon the user having informed the other party that the goods are ready to be shipped or – in
the absence of such information – upon the goods being shipped, any and all direct and indirect damage or
loss incurred to or caused by such goods shall be the other party's risk.
At the moment when goods are delivered, the other party shall check the state of the goods delivered. A
similar obligation applies to goods machined or processed for the other party being handed over. If the
goods are found to be damaged, the other party shall take all measures required to prevent further damage
and, on risk of losing rights in respect of the damage, the other party shall send the user notice of the
damage as soon as possible.
Here, 'as soon as possible' is taken to be within a period of eight (8) days of delivery or of the end of the
work or of the time when the other party discovered the damage or should have reasonably discovered the
damage on risk of its losing rights. The complaint will have to contain a description of the grounds for the
complaint and the defects found.


1.  The user shall be regarded as, respectively, the maker, designer or inventor of the works, models or
inventions produced for the purpose of the contract. This gives the user the exclusive right to apply
for patents, trademarks or models.
2.  The user expressly reserves the intellectual property rights of any designs, illustrations, drawings,
samples, models and trademarks provided on the occasion of the offer. They shall be returned
immediately, as soon as requested by the user, in the absence of which the other party will owe an
immediately payable fine of €50,000 without prejudice to any other legal action that the user is
entitled to take. Whilst performing the contract, the user does not transfer any intellectual property
rights to the other party.  
3.  If that which the user is to deliver consists of or includes the delivery of computer software, the
source code will not be transferred to the other party. The other party will obtain a non-exclusive,
worldwide and perpetual user licence on the computer software exclusively for the normal use and
proper operation of the asset. The other party shall not be allowed to transfer the licence or grant a
sublicence. If the other party sells the asset to a third party, the licence will transfer to the party that
has acquired the asset by operation of law.
4.  The user will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the other party as a consequence of
any third-party intellectual property rights being violated. The other party shall hold harmless and
indemnify the user against any third-party claims regarding any violation of intellectual property

Any disputes that might arise between the parties will be adjudicated by the national court that has
subject-matter jurisdiction in Enschede, the Netherlands. This also applies to any situations where one of
the parties is of the opinion that such a dispute exists Dutch law will apply to any disputes that are to be