Qdel™ offers an anti-fog film with adhesive:

Interlayer Adhesive Anti-Fog coated film are self adhesive films for Freezer Doors under Class 3 Conditions. Interlayer Adhesive Anti-Fog coated film delivers best-in-class abrasion, scratch resistance, and Tolerance briefly most chemical, exceptional product stability and optical clarity.
You can install the film on any clear smooth glass surface. Removing the film can bring back the old look of the glass at any time. Interlayer Adhesive can be applied only once.


• Stays Clear for Prolonged Periods in a Climate Class 3 (25°C/65% RH) Environment
• Extremely Hydrophilic
• Exceptional Anti-Fog and Water Sheeting Performance
• Anti-Fog Coating Cannot Dissolve in Water
• Can be cleaned with DI Water and IPA
• Wet and Dry Application Compatible
• Excellent Abrasion, Scratch Resistance 

Physical Characteristics


Crystal Clear and colorless. The removable masking is also clear and must be removed

Visible Light Transmission


Tear Strength (Initial)

50 micron – 1.91kg

Heat Tolerance



50 micron, the adhesive, release liner, and masking thickness are additional to the thickness of the base film.


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