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EMI-Shielding can easily be retrofitted in existing constructions or be integrated as interlayer in laminated glazing
to reduce radiation intensity in living and working spaces.  
Protection from electronic eavesdropping becomes crucial. Government organizations, businesses, architects,
building owners looking for ways to design secure buildings. Data protection film for architectural shielding
against microwave and radiofrequency radiation providing solutions for existing buildings and new constructions
worldwide. It is especially engineered to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic radiation.

•     Reduce the exposure of a buildings occupants to
electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby sources of
microwaves and radiofrequency radiation, to protect sensitive
electronic equipment from interference and to prevent data
theft/hacking. Sources of electric and magnetic energy are
mobile phone towers (4G, 5G, 6G) and many other electronic
devices also includes wifi.

•     Buildings
•     Private homes
•     Government buildings
•     Server Rooms
•     Air traffic control towers
•     Military
•     Ships windows
•     Shielded cabinets
•     Industries processing confidential or high security data

Data information:

•  Optical transparency ≥ 75VLT
•  Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of ≥ 32dB
    (frequency range from 10 MHz up to 26 GHz)
•  Application: retrofit of interlayer for laminated glazing
•  Intended use: Provide RF attenuation against electronic eavesdropping,  
    data theft/hacking and for security.

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