Saflex® S Series

Full sun. No sweat.

Saflex® S Series solar-absorbing interlayers blocks solar heat and UV radiation transmitted through a vehicle’s glazing, so driver and passengers won’t break a sweat.

This advanced automotive solar control interlayer is an easy drop-in solution with a positive chain reaction:

  • lowers interior temperatures quickly
  • minimizes strain on the vehicle’s air conditioner
  • improves fuel efficiency

All while optimizing occupant visibility.

High marks on energy savings

Testing conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory determined that a windscreen made using the Saflex S interlayers  can reduce cabin temperatures up to 5°C (9°F). This translates to a potential four percent reduction in air conditioning power versus a conventional windscreen. That reduction in air conditioning translates to a fuel efficiency improvement greater than one percent.

On a per vehicle basis, these improvements are excellent.  Across an entire fleet of vehicles, the impact can be astounding.  


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