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PVB 0.38mm Vanceva®, Polar White, Interleaved, 2460mm

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Vanceva® color interlayer delivers the complete spectrum of colors for laminated glass used in curtain walls, skylights, conference rooms.
Vanceva® color interlayer can be combined to produce more than 3 thousand transparent, translucent or opaque color options.
Color code: 220700

Price and quantity:
• Minimum order quantity is 1 length metre.
• The m² price is based on purchase of a full roll.
• Per length metre (less than 1 roll) with a surcharge on the net surface.

Please note:
Material performance can vary with processing conditions / multi layer combintions, internal testing is always recommended

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New customers; first order always in advance payment.
• Orderconfirmation and payment invoice will be send in a seperate email

• Minimum order quantity is 1 length metre of the roll widht we currently have in stock.
• Mentioned width on the website could be different than stock width.
• Ask for the possibilities.