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Tape heat resistant green HPX 30mm x 66metres x 70μm

Article number S1980
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Heatresistant positioning tape can be used at all stages during the process.
Colour: Olive green

Strips easily once cooled. 

Temperature resistance up to 180°C.

Backing material                                            PET

Color                                                                Green

Types of adhesive                                          Silicon based adhesive

Roll size                                                           25mm, 30mm, 50mm x 66meter

Thickness                                                        70 μm (micron)

Temperature resistance (10 min)              up to 180°C (10min.)

Adhesion strength                                         7,8 N/25mm

Elongation at break                                     120%

Tensile strength                                           117,7 N/25mm

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