Saflex® K Series

Safety First

When it comes to passenger safety in the automotive industry, laminated glass can be a game changer. Whether addressing rock impacts, collisions or rollovers, innovations are always in the works.

Saflex® K Series high-security interlayer is an advanced, composite PVB interlayer that is stronger and more resistant to tearing and penetration than traditional interlayers. Fabricated to provide reduced flexibility if broken, Saflex high-security interlayers help mitigate the risk of ejection during rollovers and accidents for passengers seated next to row windows.

Helps Meet NHTSA Regulations

Laminated glass made with Saflex high-security interlayers can be a vital component of an integrated occupant protection system for multi-passenger vehicles or buses. Saflex K Series can help automakers meet National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) ejection mitigation regulations (FMVSS 226), especially in fixed-glass positions and applications facing challenges with airbag tethering.

Added Benefits, Too

Saflex K Series high-security interlayer provides other forms of protection, including acoustic and solar. Noise levels in the vehicle cabin can be reduced by up to 3 dB due to its insulating benefits against outside noise. Passengers and interiors are protected from sun damage due to its ability to block out harmful UV rays. In addition to mitigating the risk of fabric and leather damage, Saflex has been shown to have a sun protection factor greater than SPF 50 sunscreen.


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