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We are aware that you trust us. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page you can read which data we collect when you visit our website, why we collect these data and how we improve your experience using our website based on these data. So you will understand how we work.This privacy policy applies to the services of Qdel. You must know that Qdel is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites and other sources. By using our website you acknowledge to accept our privacy policy.Qdel respects the privacy of all the visitors/users of its website and ensures that all personal information which you will give us, will be dealt with in a strict confidential manner. We collect and process personal information to execute orders, including names, contact details, address details and payment details.
Conform: The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or also GDPR).

Personal data is stored to comply with government regulations.
If we become aware of a security breach where personal information is disclosed, we will contact our supervisory authority within 72 hours. The persons whose personal details have been disclosed will also be notified immediately via their registered e-mail address. Qdel shall be responsible for the handling of the personal details of its Members. Qdel undertakes to comply with the Act of 8 December 1992 governing the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data and with all regulations that apply in that regard. Per 28 May 2018 in accordance with: The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or also GDPR).
Only employees and its logistical partners will make use of the personal details of Customers. The sole purpose of such use shall be in order to supply and invoice the products and services ordered, to contact Customers in the event of problems or to communicate personally with Customers.

How we use the collected data
Our Services
When you order one of our services/products then we will ask for personal data like name, address etc. These data will be used to execute your order. These data will be stored on a security server owned by Qdel or by a third party. We will not combine your personal data with other data.
When you send emails or other messages to us it will be possible that we will save these messages. Sometimes we will ask for your personal data when this is relevant. This enables us to answer your questions and requests. These data will be stored on a security server owned by Qdel or by a third party. We will not combine your personal data with other data.
We collect and use this information for no other purposes than described in our private policy unless we have received your permission to do otherwise.
Third Parties
We will not provide your data to other parties. In some cases your data will be shared internally but our personnel signed a non disclosure contract to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.
This privacy policy is tuned to the current status of our website. Adjustments or changes on our website can lead to changes in the privacy policy. So we advise you to read our privacy policy on a regular basis.
Adjustments/Removal communication
We offer all visitors the possibility to look at, to change or to delete all personal data which has been provided to us.
Adjustments and termination/removal of Newsletterf you would like to alter your personal data or to remove these from our files then you can contact us. See below for contact information.
Questions and Feedback
We check on a regular basis if we comply with the privacy policy.  If you have questions about our privacy policy do contact us:

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