Vanceva® colors interlayer

16 basic colors on stock. 

Special Service: Order per metre, no problem !

•Thousands color combinations.
•Get inspired by Vanceva® color.
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DG41 Saflex® interlayer
safety & security    

Speciale service:   per length Meter 

DG41 Saflex® :
•Sustain higher uniform loads-retain safety after breakage 
•Superior edge stability and resistance to delamination 
•Compatible with the entire range of Vanceva® color
•Long term performance in marine-like climates

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Work dust-free

"One stop shopping" 

Working clean and dust-free is crucial for your laminating process.
•Cleanroom gloves
•Dust free roller (antistatic)
•Dustcoat antistatic
•IPA Isopropylalcohol        
Special Offer

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Tools and supplies

”One stop shopping” 

Handy tools and supplies for your laminating process.   
•Heatable knife
•Tinside detector
•Vacuum bag
•Glass cloth
•Vacuum hoses    

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     Qdel more than just a supplier.

     Qdel delivers a wide range interlayers, tools, supplies, and more, you need for each laminating process.
     Qdel High-quality interlayers that improve the glass in terms of safety, strength, solar and UV protection, acoustics and sound insulation.    
    Qdel applications in Marine Sector, Architectural, Militairy, Aerospace, Automotive and more.. Ask for the possibilities.

• Looking for special projects in finished laminated glass or just glass, ask for the possibilities