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Vacuum bag nylon:  The vacuum bagging process is employed in glass laminating to apply even pressure during bonding. Vacuum bagging consumables, vacuum fittings and ancillary products for the application of vacuum bags to the laminating process.Vacuum bag Nylon is a tough but flexible co-extruded vacuum bag nylon.
► Vacuum Bag Green: 200 ﮿C  [suitable for autoclave/autoclave-free]
► Vacuum Bag Purple: 170 ﮿C  [suitable for autoclave/autoclave-free]

Formats available :                LTX: double folded/v-sheet | LFT: Tube Form | SHT: Single Open

Nylon Green - 200°C

Nylon Green - 200°C

nylon green 200c
Nylon Purple - 170°C

Nylon Purple - 170°C

nylon purple 170c

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