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PVB 0.76mm Vanceva®, Illusion White, Interleaved, 1500mm

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Vanceva® color interlayer delivers the complete spectrum of colors for laminated glass used in curtain walls, skylights, conference rooms. 

Offering the ability to transition from medium translucence (~65%) to full transparency, Vanceva® Illusion White polyvinyl butyral (PVB) 
interlayers give designers and architects new opportunities in glazing. Now you have the ability to draw the eye to accentuate compelling 
vistas while creating an elegant glazing effect. Vanceva now provides the ability to incorporate a translucent transitioning effect in glazing without ceramic frits, paints, or printing for a laminated glass solution. Starting with the translucence of our Vanceva Arctic Snow white interlayer and transitioning to full transparency, this look can be achieved by incorporating Vanceva Illusion White PVB interlayer into your 
laminated glass configuration. Giving you further options with color, the Illusion White gradient can be layered with Saflex ®  PVB interlayers and Vanceva colors, creating endless configuration options. It is recommended that no more than four layers of interlayer be used when creating multiple-layer colors.
Color code: 000J

Available width:
• 1500mm x ..


Stroke a 23cm White Translucent - rest is clear
Layer code: 000J
Solar transmittance: 57%
Visible light transmittance: 65% to 89%
Solar absorption: 36%
Solar heat gain coefficient: 0.68
Shading coefficient: 0.79
U-factor (W/m²·K): 5.66

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