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PVB Saflex® Earth Tones Collection

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Traditional methods of making colored glass can be costly, particularly when the volume of colored glass is small. And not all colored glass may be appropriate for building codes and requirements. But now, architects and designers have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity: Saflex® Earth Tones, a collection of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) color interlayers that add value to glass.

Select from a range of 11 Earth Tones in shades of blue, grey, green, brown, and bronze—colors that are all similar to industry standard glass tints when laminated in clear glass. Saflex color interlayers allow architects and designers to achieve varying light transmissions without having to vary glass thickness or sacrifice structural performance.

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PVB Saflex®, Sky

PVB Saflex®, Glacier

PVB Saflex®, Marine

PVB Saflex®, Shale

PVB Saflex®, Graphite

PVB Saflex®, Dolomite

PVB Saflex®, LimeStone

PVB Saflex®, Dusk

PVB Saflex®, Mocha

PVB Saflex®, Gobi

PVB Saflex®, Truffle


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