For more than 80 years, Saflex has been one of the world’s leading brand of protective interlayer for laminated glass. Our spectrum of colored decorative PVB interlayers include:

• Vanceva® Earth Tones collection, an array of tranquil colored interlayers in shades typically associated with the Earth’s oceans and vast land masses: blues, greys, greens, browns, and bronzes.

Vanceva® Earth Tones continue to provide architects and designers the option to expand their creative boundaries using subtle colors and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity. Select from a range of 11 natural earth tones in shades of blue, grey, green, brown, and bronze.

Vanceva Earth Tones are intended to be used alone—as a single interlayer in laminated glass. However, they are compatible with other Saflex® and Vanceva architectural interlayers and may be layered if desired. Review of mock-ups is recommended.

Vanceva Earth Tones are designated with a four-digit code identifying color and visible light transmittance (in 3 mm clear glass). This code is preceded by the letter “S” indicating that it is a single layer and not a stack of four assembled interlayers. For example, S-3628 is a single layer of Vanceva Earth Tones brown with 28% visible light transmittance while Vanceva 3628 is a layer of 0003+0006+0002+0008.

All Vanceva Earth Tones are supplied as 0.38 mm (RB17) thickness interlayers. Marine, Shale, and Dolomite are also available in 0.76 mm (RB47) thickness. These thicker options are produced to the same color specifications as their 0.38 counterparts which means that the color intensity and visible light transmittance (VLT) does not scale with interlayer thickness.


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